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Subject: LA Times - Cryonics - a Cool Way to Go!

I am adding this to my "bumper sticker" collection - "Cryonics a Cool Way to
Go!" :o)

This article from LA Times requires very quick registration - but it's
awesome! By BART KOSKO, a professor of electrical engineering at USC and
author of "Heaven in a Chip" (Random House, 2000), is on the science
advisory board of the nonprofit Alcor cryonics corporation.
Go ahead and laugh at cryonics. Denounce those who would suspend the late
Ted Williams in liquid nitrogen in the hope that future science will somehow
resurrect him, one cell at a time.

You're in good company: Church groups uniformly oppose cryonics. British
Columbia outlaws it. The $25-billion funeral industry opposes cryonics even
more vigorously than it opposed cremation before the 1960s. It buries about
6,000 people every day in expensive coffins, while only a thousand or so
folks have signed up for cryonics and only about 100 actually lie in

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