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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 20:10:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Recent news not related to Ted Williams

I just wanted to bring some of these amazing news
items to everyone's attention.


Stem cells linked to life expectancy 
09:20 22 July 02 
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition 
The length of our lives may be determined by the
toughness of our stem cells. A team at the University
of Kentucky has found that the mouse strains that live
the longest have stem cells in their bone marrow that
are particularly good at repairing DNA. 

Molecular "spark of life" discovered 
17:45 18 July 02 
NewScientist.com news service 
The molecule that triggers the fertilisation of a
mammalian egg and prompts it to begin growing and
dividing has been discovered. The identification of
this "spark of life" is significant for work on
infertility treatments, male contraceptives and
cloning, researchers say.


Scientists create big-brained mice 

WASHINGTON, July 18    Adding an extra version of a
single gene makes mice grow big brains   brains so
large they have to fold up, much as human brains do,
to fit inside the skull, researchers said Thursday.


Brain scan may detect Alzheimer s 
New imaging technique pinpoints plaques linked to
By Julia Sommerfeld
July 18   A new imaging technique that allows doctors
to see the plaques that gum up the brains of
Alzheimer s patients may offer a way to test for the
mind-robbing disease before the devastating symptoms


It may not seem a fast enough pace to us but these
stories really are exciting and should encourage us


Scott Badger

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