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Subject: Longevity Report 90
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:59:24 +0100

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Longevity Report 90
Volume 14 no 90. First published July 2002. ISSN 0964-5659
      Convergence to Health Robert Ettinger 
      Organic Food - Truth in Labelling Michael Lorrey 
      Updates on Fly Longevity Experiments Douglas Skrecky 
      Man is Not Conscious, Only Capable of It. George Smith 
      As Others See Us Polly Bird 
      book review: "The Immortalist Manifesto" Rudi Hoffman 
      Effective dreamers versus SF fans Mark Plus 
      Science Fiction Writers' Attitude to Cryonics Robert Ettinger 
      CI Policy on Publishing Details of Cryopreservations Robert Ettinger 
      The End of All Disease? Mike Darwin 
      Why There is No "In House Life Insurance" Rudi Hoffman CFP 
      Note on Investment and Accountancy Collapse Stephen Bogner 
      Attitudes to Death and Cryonics George Smith 
      The Feel Good Factor in Cryonics Steven Lacher 

These are mainly from CryoNet, but you may have missed them the first time 
around. Organic Food - Truth in Labelling came from somewhere else, so did As 
Others See Us


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