X-Message-Number: 19627
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:20:49 +0900
Subject: Japanese "The First Immortal"
From: "kabu" <>

Hi, everyone. 

This is Kaburagi from Tokyo. 

Japanese "The First Immortal" had published last week.
For Anyone can read Japanese web site,
please go and see the site of Kadokawa, one of the biggest publisher in Japan.


Anyway, I revised the Metamorphosis Society website. 
Please com and see us. 

We, Metamorphosis Society, is a mutual support group for:
(1) people who want do something for the betterment of the future
(2) people who wish to "go and see the future."
Please come and see us at http://www.kanon.to/ms.htm

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