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Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 09:22:35 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19626 Realty

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> Whether one likes it or not for what ever reason religion is always going to 
> be there.

How do you know that? At a time, caribean pirates was the richest 
organization in the world. What remains from that today?

> Cryonauts make a big mistake if they think they are going to wake up in a 
world with 
> no religion.

What is interesting is not "the world", it is the group using cryonics and 
the recovering system. This is high tech, not church.

 >They need to prepare now to handle that in the future. Stomping on the toes 
> religious people that can vote them out of existence is plain stupid. 

High tech people can too vote against religion. In France, the law is 
definitivey anti-cryonics at the request of the catholic church in the 60's. 
You don't choose your foe, they choose for you. What you can do is get away 
from them when you can. If not, don't smile at them, kill them or they'll 
kill you. 

I am working on brain reader and if someday I succeed and have a say in its 
use, I'll take care to exclude all religious people from that technology. 
Right now, when someone start to speak me about Jesus Christ, the Antechrist, 
666, heaven and the like, I put it on a black list and never do any business 
with that person. 

Cryonics is a technology, it wil succeed or fall depending on the effort, 
money and time we put in it. No prays will do any difference. If people go to 
the church side, their God will save them, that is their bet. No one in 
cryonics is a god and want to be seen as such. Let faith and its follower 
sink on their spooky boat...

Y. Bozzonetti.


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