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Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 11:41:21 EDT
Subject: Meme War strategy -- Ettinger is right

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>As for practical politics, I think a "march" of "Godless Americans" for 
political recognition is a really bad idea, for reasons many people have 
frequently expounded.

  Oh yeah, a really bad idea. Also not a very realistic viewpoint. In every 
inhabited universe, there must be billions of simulations running in every 
advanced civilization, and simulations running inside the simulations.... So 
the odds are very good for any given conscious being, such as you, that you 
are in a simulation. There are probably lots of gods stacked up above you, 
level after level. Of course that doesn't make it reasonable or moral to 
worship them, just like it wasn't reasonable or moral for Cargo Cultists to 
worship the US Marines and their C-47s. But getting into a Meme War with 
every big Meme on the planet probably ain't such a great idea, and direct 
frontal attack is usually not the best strategy for small weak groups whose 
goal is to mind their own business. A "March For Religious Freedom" might 
make sense; a "March to Declare War On All Powerful Memes" wouldn't pass the 
Sun Tzu test.


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