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From: "Francois" <>
Subject: Brain blood barrier
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 20:00:18 -0400

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First, I want to say hello to everyone. I have been reading cryonet for some 
time now, but this is my first post to it. Maybe this has even been addressed 
already. The capillaries in the brain are different from those in the rest of 
the body. They form a "brain blood barrier" that will only allow certain 
chemicals through. It's there to protect the sensitive biochemical balance the 
brain needs to work properly.That barrier keeps working a long time after 
clinical death. Has this been taken into account in the formulation of the 
cryoprotectants used in cryonic suspension? After all, the brain is the organ 
that needs the best protection, and it would be stupid to use chemicals that 
can't reach it because they are not among the few that the blood brain barrier 
will allow through.

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