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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 10:19:47 -0400

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 I am continually amazed at the amount of tolerance that is shown toward 
 religion by some members of this group.  Some even go so far as to say 
 religious leaders are not our enemies or out to get us.  Hello! Has anyone been
 watching the coverage of the Ted Williams story.  Any of the so called 
 ethicists, theologians, men or women of the clergy, who have been interviewed 
 continually referred to the practice of Cryonics as a selfish immoral act. This
 is the same group that opposes embryonic stem cell research because it to is 
 immoral.  Those in this country who are religious, and they are many, are 
 making the rules for the rest of us and they will continue to do so unless 
 actions are taken to help those poor brainwashed masses see the (dare I say it)

I am tired of the slogan don't attack religion, just promote cryonics.  Many a 
salesman has starved to death while thinking if he can build a better mousetrap,
the world will beat a path to his doorway.  Come to find out when he builds it 
not as many people show up as he thought.  If Cryonics worked without question 
tomorrow, I seriously doubt you would see many Christians leaving their flocks 
to sign up for Cryonic Suspension.  After all, Christians think Heaven is better
than anything anyone else has to offer. 

As for the issue being discussed about the Godless Americans march, I strongly 
applaud their efforts. I think every cryonicist worth his or her salt should 
show up there for the march.  I can't believe that every cryonics organization 
out there isn't doing everything possible to form an alliance with this group.  
Here is a very large group of individuals who are not biased in their thinking, 
due to Christianity.  I would think that atheists, who see death for what it is 
(which must scare the hell out of some of them) would be interested in finding 
out what cryonics has to offer.  I don't see cryonics getting very far 
considering most organizations have three digit memberships.  On the other hand 
a group like the Godless Americans is huge, it's time we hitch our wagon onto 
theirs and star to gain influence and power through numbers.

Mark Buddle


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