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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:42:53 EDT
Subject: Re:Religion

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George, you said:

> Don't blacklist someone and deny them access to life extension technologies
> because they are still immature (under 200 years old).
> We have all made mistakes.  Forgiveness is a virtue for maintaining a long
> life.  It has a higher survival factor.
> "Choose life."  ... for everyone.
> Just my opinion,
> George Smith
> CI Member and Immortalist

When he was terminally ill with two cancers, Richard P. Feynmann said 
something as: I would not die two times, it is too borring. The problem with 
cryonics + uploading is that you can live two times, but you never die a 
second time. I think it is irresponsible to burden the future for millions of 
years and beyond with people having demonstrated their incapacity to 
understand the physical world where they have lived. That would not be a 
problem if they had not imposed to other their power and distorted view. 

So I remain on my position: No religious people, no rich having not invested 
in science or technology (outside mere speculation), no lawer or politician, 
no boss, military or high rank civil servant... I may extend the list, not 
reduce it.

I understand your position: you want to "sell" cryonics, I am on a different 
boat: If I succeed, it will be with my money and I don't want to sell brain 
reading service. It will be  a private activity open only to friends or 
potential ones, not the kind of "cracks" we can meet in "science-bigot" 

If "classical" cryonics using nanotech repair will work someday, then 
powerful parasites will have their way to long life. To be sure, they never 
pay for that to happen, so you will have to. Good luck!

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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