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Date: 31 Jul 2002 16:56:51 -0000
From: Asteromed e.V. <>
Subject: Asking for an offer, CD, in reply to message 19444

To Mr. Lionel Vogt and anyone in here, hi!Your suggestion to create a CD may
become an offer to me. It is my intention to have a CD created, even I am not
Alcor or ACS member. But I really want a CD, not as evidence that I would 
have signed up for Cryonics, but for another reason: It is not that I have 
problems to sign up for Cryonics, because I am German. There are some other 
reasons. This is why I want the original CD --as well as a back-up CD of it-- 
to be stored at a place where it can not be lost. The CD must be kept existing
over a long time. Hundred years would be really good. Is it too much an 
expectation? A backup must be created from time to time and the data must be 
verified, so that a backup storage device can become a replacement of the 
original, in case some data will be damaged over the years.It really is my 
wish to have a CD with my homepage and related pages --and all the other 
files, especially *.zip archives-- created. For the moment, files to be copied
on CD are accessible by the use of the Internet address 
"http://www.shintoist.com". One possible place to store the CD could be a 
cupboard owned by members of an association specializing into the long-term 
storage of data. Until now I have not found an association, nor the people who
want to build such an association with me, but I am continuously searching. 
It would be required to find two or three people with an open mind for this 
matter.Even I can not expect to become a member for cryonic suspension, it 
would also be interesting if a member of the Cryonics Institute would allow me
sharing a place with me where files and other personal things from the member
who underwent cryonic suspension will be stored. Of cause, it does not 
include any cryonic suspension for me. The storage of personal data accepted 
as my identity after death would suit its purpose sufficiently. In this case I
would like to pay US$ 800 to the place where the CD can be stored. For the 
creation of the CD I would pay US$ 200 to the creator of the CD. 800 will be 
transferred to an ACS member by a German bank after two years, if the storage 
has been kept successful. Each payment of total US Dollar thousand can be done
by international money transfer to a US bank account.It must be said, this 
is not as perfect as physical freezing. Storing a CD without cryonic 
suspension of the body --or at least the brain-- is not a 100 percent 
alternative for any kind of research on life extension practiced today. It only
can be described as an alternative kind of virtual life extension, based on 
expectations in an increasing development of artificial intelligence to 
control service robots. What I would like to happen is that the data on CD can 
be integrated into a program for robot control in the future. There should be 
a product created in the name of a human after death. Leaving some fractions 
of my identity to a system in the industry makes great sense to me. A robot 
performing work I was not able to do during life is the device for which I want
the data on CD taken as database content, without any restrictions. The 
robot must be the owner of my identity after death. Ownership will include my 
name, date of birth and a certain range of rights and duties related to my 
education retrievable on CD.The CD can not be used in relation to an 
absolutely real extension of my life. Anyway, I would like to try this out. 


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