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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:10:57 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Re: Messages #19648, #19649 and #19652
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In Message #19648 Mark <> wrote in
 "I am continually amazed at the amount of tolerance that is
toward religion by some members of this group.  Some even
go so far as to say religious leaders are not our enemies or out
get us.  Hello! Has anyone been watching the coverage of the
Ted Williams story.  Any of the so called ethicists, theologians,
men or women of the clergy, who have been interviewed
continually referred to the practice of Cryonics as a selfish
immoral act. ..."  Unquote.

I submit, that you would encounter various degrees of anti-
cryonics bias in almost any segment of population outside of
cryonics, even in the biomedical professions.  So do you propose
to take on the rest of the world?  Fact is, that *some* members
of the clergy have been positive toward cryonics, just as members
of other occupational groups.

In Message #19649 Yvan Bozzonett <> wrote in part:
"So I remain on my position: No religious people, no rich having
not invested
in science or technology (outside mere speculation), no lawer or
no boss, military or high rank civil servant... I may extend the
list, not
reduce it. ..." Unquote

And furthermore quote:
 "If "classical" cryonics using nanotech repair will work
someday, then
powerful parasites will have their way to long life. To be sure,
they never
pay for that to happen, so you will have to. Good luck!" 

Ivan, you are denying half the people on this list the right to
be nano-repaired, including myself I suspect, although you did
not mention engineers on your list of undesirables.  Like it or
not, if it works, we will all be there.

In Message #19652  wrote:

"Entertainment?  Education?  Experience?  For some, the desire
for more and
more of these items might simply be a form of gluttony.  For
others, though,
it might be an altruistic desire to be of further benefit to

If life is a smorgasbord, then consider me an unabashed glutton.


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