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Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 11:14:29 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19665 Religion

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Olaf Henny said:
> Ivan, you are denying half the people on this list the right to
> be nano-repaired, including myself I suspect, although you did
> not mention engineers on your list of undesirables.  Like it or
> not, if it works, we will all be there.

Engineers, technicians and the like are usefull people and deserve to be 
given a chance to be preserved. For nanorepair, I'll never have any said on 
the use of that technology if it goes somewhere. So, I someone want to give 
indefinite life to scientology guys for example, anything I could say would 
have no effect.

For the use of brain readers, if I succeed in building one or some and if I 
keep a say on their use, sorry, no christians, no scientology, no sect 
related users.

The first systems to be built will use NMR or i-cube technologies, these are 
slow and scanning one patient may take one day or more. This will be a scarce 
ressource, buiding back a computer picture down to molecular level and using 
it may be a taxing task even for the fastest computers on the market. All of 
that is not free lunch. So, there is two ways to work with these constrains:

1/ You make a marketed product and sold it to very rich people.
2/ You develop it with minimum funds, free work and swap. This it the way I 
am forced in. In this case, the product has been produced against the market 
force, against the mainstream of the society, against its ideology, so why 
the power holder would benefit from it?

The first to benefit will be those who have worked on a part of the system, 
they will be astronomers, computer programmers, electronics engineers, 
technician welder  and the like. For me, someone soldering a single 
electronics connection worth more than 1000 priest.

I publish here what I do in the brain reader domain, anybody else may start a 
parallele work with other criteria. One more word yet: when you have brains 
on computers it is simple to link them. What I am working on is the ultimate 
communism system. Do you want it? Do religious people want it? I think many 
would exclude themselve from that technology.

For Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and other commrades :-) Yvan Bozzonetti.


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