X-Message-Number: 19673
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 10:00:42 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19663 (CD request)

It appears the poster wants to store a CD with his/her identity-critical 
information on it, as far as it can be captured that way. I would 
recommend, in addition, storing a cell sample, which is possible at room 
temperature and not expensive. (I think embedding a  few hair follicles in 
epoxy would be sufficient, though I am not an expert on best procedures. 
But maybe wrapped in a little aluminum foil.) I would like to see the 
Venturist organization become involved in this. (I am a cofounder and 
director of this organization.) It appears that the poster is interested in 
using the information for a form of future "resurrection" which is 
something that has an interesting rationale that I discuss in my book. 
Further correspondence is encouraged, private if you wish.

Mike Perry

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