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Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 16:41:53 EDT
Subject: phonon detector

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I have searched for elements readily found to build a phonon detector. This 
is a key element of an intensity interferometer brain reader. Such a detector 
would be a "quivering" nano-scale cantiever. It seems the simplest way to 
monitor its displacements is to put a micro mirror on it. That mirror woud be 
incuded in a Micheson interferometer.

The quantiever coud be recovered from a TI micro-mirrors video projector. I 
have found in Edmund optical catalog a small interferometer to test the end 
surface of optical fibers. It seems both, this device and the TI element coud 
serve as a  phonon detector demonstrator.

In a brain reader, this assembly would be too bulky and too costly, (more 
than $ 3 000 each). The 1000 or so phonon detectors here would have to use a 
single large interferometer with 1 000 beams. Each such beam would be linked 
to a cantilever using an optical fiber. This system is very near what can be 
found in the active control of a directed energy laser weapon or an active 
optics telescope. May be a copy of an active mirror teescope system could be 
got in exchange for some parts or service on the astronomical imaging 
intensity interferometer...

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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