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Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 16:42:22 EDT
Subject: making bomb

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Many messages on cryonet are somewhat theoretical (who must be given access 
to brain reader, religions,...). There is a more down to Earth subject: The 
first draft of a bomb (a pressure vessel). This device would be of interest 
for me for cold forging of MHD burners (flea project) and He3 MRI at moecular 
scale. My initial project was to build an epoxy-carbon fibers vessel. This 
would be sufficient for cold forging. Unfortunatey, that readily implemented 
technology for amateur don't work for cold He3. The resin is far too porous 
for helium and becomes very britle at low temperature.

So I have moved to high strenght aluminium Al 2014 - T6 with maximum 
resistance near 60 000 psi. The bomb woud be made from two flanged "glasses" 
16 " in diameter with cylindrical part 12" high closed by an 1/2 sphere. The 
desing maximum pressure would be 14 000 psi. The wall is 1.8" thick, giving a 
mass for each element near 716 lbs.

My "cooking glass" oven may just hold that. Unfortunately it has not been 
designed for that foundry work and I must add a moving plate to extract the 
hot crucibes. I have bought the steel for that !

On behalf of Wintel and Compaq I can do that desing on a TFT screen with a 
processor making at the same time the maths computation and the songs of 
Agnetha Falstkog (one A in ABBA).

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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