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Date: Mon,  5 Aug 2002 03:39:10 -0700
Subject: Re: Bob Park sez cryonics is horseshit
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From:  (Tim Freeman)

Broderick quotes http://www.aps.org/WN/ as saying:
>Finally, Cook sought advice from Charles Platt, founder of CryoCare,
>a company that keeps human heads bobbing in liquid nitrogen until
>scientists can figure out how to restart them (WN 21 Jul 00).

Well, aside from the obviously false statement that the heads float,
there isn't any real slander here.  He's trying to do guilt by
association, but it's pretty clear that any nutcase can ask Charles
Platt for advice on any subject, and it isn't Charles Platt's fault
when this happens.  Their readers might be sophisticated enough not to
fall for it.

I followed the link to the 21 Jul 00 article about cryonics, and I
didn't see any important lies in it either.

I don't see much point in bothering him.  At least he got his facts
mostly straight.  

His column reads like a gossip column.  I don't see a reason for a
gossip column to be sponsored by an organization of scientists.  The
mere fact that the column is running might be taken by the less
experienced members of the APS as an indication that gossip is
worthwhile.  Trying to get the APS to stop the column is a more
worthwhile goal IMO than trying to guess what false beliefs Bob Park
has about cryonics and correct them.

They are at http://www.aps.org/.
Tim Freeman       

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