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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:24:21 EDT
Subject: Web hits vs. info packages

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> The obvious conclusion is that -- the statistics do not support an obvious
> conclusion.  Web hits are an interesting statistic, but only useful as a
> comparative number.  (E.g., to compare to how you did last month or to how
> your competitor's web site is doing).  They provide absolutely NO
> information on specific number of users or on the "effectiveness" of your
> site or your message.

(Above from Steve Bridge)
(Rudi Hoffman writing)
Thanks to Steve Bridge for his insights re: web hits.  

As a point of information, my inquiries and web hits have decreased since 
initial TW hoopla.  But the quality of the inquiries seems to be somewhat 
better...i.e. more serious minded and thoughtful people, ready to take action 
and fill out paperwork.

It has been my experience that the gestation period of the cryonics meme is 
at least 6 months.  So the results of the web hits will/may filter in 
gradually over time.




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