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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 07:06:41 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Can this be true? "The Calcium Factor" by Dr. Robert Barefoot

Barefoot claims that most disease can be cured with calcium, the right kind of
course--that conveniently he sells, and two hours a day of sunshine and plenty
of water. His reasoning is that high acidity makes a good environment for
unhealthy cells and cancer. A high PH, he claims, allows the body's mechanisms
to fight disease and rebuild diseased cells--even Parkinsons. Wild claims to be
sure but he claims science backs him up.

Some quotes:

"[Calcium is] The common trigger [that] precipitates biological events as
diverse as the contraction of a muscle and the secretion of a hormone."--The
Calcium Signal, Scientific American, November 1987

"Calcium Deficiency is the universal property of all cancer cells."--Calcium in
Biological Systems (Volume 1, 1985, CRD Press Inc.)

"The early work of Otto Warburg, some 60 years ago (Cause and prevention of
cancer; Biochem Zetis, 152: 514-520, 1924), showed clearly that cancer was
associated with anaerobic (deficiency of oxygen)conditions, resulting in
fermentation and a drop in the pH of the cell.(Low pH Hyperthermia Cancer
Therapy, Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology 4; 137-145, 1980).  Moreover, the
production of mutation receptors cannot occur with the pH of the cell in the
healthy, calcium buffered 7.4 to 6.6 range."

"Several years ago, Congressional document Number 23476 stated " there is not
enough minerals in the soil to support health for our bodies."

"Dr. Linus Pauling who won the Nobel Prize twice said ":... every disease is
directly linked to a mineral deficiency.  2/3's of our intake daily must be


Any opinions?

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