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Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:01:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Probability

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Robert Ettinger said:

> Into what sequence might the cryonics question fit? One of them is on our 
> web 
> site--the sequence of technological goals and the results. Look at all the 
> historical goals or projects that might be considered reasonably similar, 
> by 
> sufficiently broad criteria, and the record of successes, continuing 
> efforts, 
> failures to date, and acknowledgements of failure. Try it--you'll like it.
> Robert Ettinger
> Cryonics Institute
> Immortalist Society
> www.cryonics.org
I understand you have a very strong background in probability therory. For 
what I understand at my level you are right. The question for me is: Can 
cryonics be embeded in a probability theory?

The basic problem, is: can we find a way to handle matter at atomic level? 
The answer is yes on a physical background. Next question: Can we do that in 
a large volume? this is the complexity wall. The answer is no more at the 
physical level, it is at the technological one. And there the answer rests on 
the will we put in solving the problem. 

If we think the success is near zero, we will not devote a large effort to 
the solution and the probability success is near zero indeed. If we think we 
can solve the problem and work hard on it, there will be a solution. In term 
of probability we face a self fulfilling situation.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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