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This one deals with a religious person and my/their view on the world. If
not interested, delete.

I had an chance to visit with a Christian yesterday. We got off to talk
about an unrelated issue, but the conversation touched upon the principles
that person held.

Although I realize it takes many and this person doesn't represent the wider
group he belongs too, I was struck by his "protectiveness" of the religion
and the "stand offish" attitude he took in relating to me. Our conversation
was at times rather rough as when I was going over some of the principles of
Christianity and how they relate to today's world (homosexuals, cloning,
death, politics as in letting another cheek to be slapped and letting it go
in case of Iraq and "thirty pieces" of silver as related to campaign
contributions and our Presidency, Ten Commandments applied to everyday life,
etc.). The person asked me if I read the Bible, I said I read the New
Testament, but the Old One was rather boring to me and I stopped 1/10th in.
The New Testament is riddled with inconsistencies and scientific blunders
(Jesus walking on water, sharing a loaf of bread and one fish with thousands
of people, ascending to skies, geographic misplacement of the events, etc.)

I speculated that Jesus may have had walking in wooden "boat shoes" (like
Leonardo DaVinci used in the movie "Ever After") or had some sort of a
hovering apparatus (highly unlikely 2,000 years ago) and that he found out
the basic principles of "3D Printing" or "food replicator" when he fed all
those people. To which I received an answer, we can't explain it, therefore
it's true. Evolution, sex, AIDS, paganism, multitude of religions,
worshiping animals and reincarnation, as well as Big Bang, society's morals,
interpersonal relationships, etc. were discussed in one form or another.

I faced in a way by a certain hostility that my opponent held to my ideas
and how simplistic his rationale in defending his views was. I asked him if
give a slightest possibility that Jesus was not a perfect man and that the
subsequent accounts of the Testaments made him look that way, he was shocked
and almost began trembling and shaking while raising his voice and pointing
his fingers at me telling me to leave his God alone and that he only serves
his Lord and if I don't understand the basic principles of the faith I
cannot judge it. I asked him what can possibly change his mind about
religion or
at least open it to the possibility that there maybe another view on the
world and
the answer was "Nothing! My Lord is my Savior and that's the end of it!"

We did not go into cryonics :o) with him :o)

I feel that I can take the possibility of having after life in the religious
sense (Hell in my case :o) as 50/50 chance and willing to face the music if
I am wrong, while the religious people don't have the luxury of choice? The
thinking is done for them already as if it was a franchise idea and all they
have to do is just to embrace it and the rewards (Heaven and Life with
Jesus) will be there for them for that.

The whole experience left me wandering if it really is worth it to even
raise these issues with religious people ever at all? Maybe just let them
be? Unfortunately, the Ten Commandments don't have this one :o) - only "Love
Thy Neighbor..." He happens to live on the other side of the street one
house down from me. I don't love him, I really don't know him and cannot
make my judgment about him this way or another, yet I am afraid that he has
already made up his one.

Life is full of surprises!


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