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From: "Ben Best" <>
Subject: Cryonics at San Jose WorldCon
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 04:29:36 -0700

            Cryonics at San Jose WorldCon

    The 2002 World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon)
is being held in San Jose Thursday, August 29th to Monday,
September 2nd:
   For many years I have used WorldCons as a place to promote
cryonics partly because of the limited success I have had 
and partly because of the fun I have had doing so. It has 
seemed less fun recently, but the fact that the 2003 WorldCon
is being held in my hometown of Toronto, Canada 

and the fact that San Jose (Silicon Valley) has the highest
concentration of cryonicists in the world means that I will 
be attending the 2002 WorldCon and having cryonics room parties.

   My cryonics/life-extension "outreach" room parties will be
held on the evenings of Thursday, August 29th & Friday, 
August 30th from 9pm - 1or2am in the Fairmont Hotel (the 
party hotel). All cryonicists, whether attending the WorldCon
or not, are invited (*requested*) to attend -- to talk to the
guests and to socialize. 

    In past years I have also had a cryonicists-only "inreach"
party on Saturday evening. I will have one this year if there
is sufficient interest. I would like to hear from other cryonicists
or fellow travelers who might be coming to my room party or participating
in the WorldCon program. I am wondering if anyone succeeded in
creating a panel with a life-extension or cryonics-related or
nanotechnology theme. I was completely stonewalled in my attempts
to create a panel or be on a panel -- the worst treatment I have
ever received from a WorldCon program committee (I got a worse
treatment years ago from a Toronto Con committee). 

   Send e-mail to me at  with the 
subject line WORLDCON if you think you might want to 
come or have something to say. I will be posting the 
room number in the Fairmont Hotel where the parties will
be held, but can e-mail this information to people who
send me an e-mail address. 

              -- Ben Best 

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