X-Message-Number: 19839
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 09:41:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Driven FromThePack <>
Subject: Re: pet cloning/freezing

Iggy wrote:
"While reading this article, I got to think that these
people have already
accepted cloning and are exposed to cryogenic
preservation of tissues of
their animals. "

Yes, cloning of people via cryopreservation of tissue
samples is a great way to do a workaround of the
societal taboos that are the main impediment to
cryonics.  If we really want to make inroads, we
should offer free (or very low cost) tissue sample
cryopreservation for pets at Alcor. This
cryopreservation for cloning purposes offer could be
the gateway to a cryopreservation for revival offer

That would be the gateway (kinda like marijuana is a
gateway drug for heroin...aww, never mind...) for
cryopreservation for humans.

How much does it cost for Alcor to cryopreserve pet
tissue samples. Or do they even offer that? 

Hey, whatever happened to Cells for Life? I thought
they were going into that busines....

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