X-Message-Number: 19843
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 15:05:24 -0700
From: Jerry Lemler <>
Subject: Heading for the Summit

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation looks forward to the inaugural 
CryoSummit to be held this weekend (August 23-25), at CI headquarters in 
Clinton Township, Michigan.  At the meetings, scheduled to begin on Friday 
evening, we expect to be joined by our hosts, as well as representatives 
from ACS and Suspended Animation, Inc.  Note:  I personally extended an 
invitation to John Rodriguez, President of TransTime, to attend the 
CryoSummit, but regrettably he failed to respond.
      We have a "full plate agenda" before us, inclusive of discussions on 
such topics as:  sharing technical information, coordinating cooperative 
research, establishing a professional association of organizations, local 
help agreements, psychological support for suspension staff workers, and a 
mutual backup agreement to name just a few.
      Alcor's delegation will include, in addition to myself, Board Members 
Hugh Hixon and Dr. Michael Riskin, and Board Advisors Judy Muhlestein and 
Dr. Robert Newport.
      Personally, I haven't been to the Detroit area since the summer of 
1965.  I suspect it's changed somewhat since then.  I know I have.

Sooner AND Later,
Dr. Jerry Lemler

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