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Subject: web hits?
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> From: "Stephen W. Bridge" <>
> Karla Steen, Alcor's Director of  Marketing, tells me that the "3 million
> figure" represents "hits on unique URLS," not "unique individuals" and not
> "every graphic and chunk of information."    So one person could trigger
> many hits as they click on different pages of  Alcor's website in one day
> or over many days.
> Trying to figure out some statistic about the exact percentage of people
> interested in cryonics, based on these numbers, is hopeless.

I see your point...

Alcor can add a "unique visitor's counter" on their web site, granted, some
of them will not register as some ISPs probably mask them and don't give
them static IP address but rather assign them another one each time they log
on so you cannot track them all down. However, this can tell you some
general stats - how many URLs have been visited, then how many unique
visitors, you then divide the number of URLs by number of visitors and you
get a *very*generic*viewing pattern that should suffice for the sake of
determination what pages and how long people visit and how many.

I think that this is important, you need to know what people spend the time
on your web site at - if they are not interested in a link and concentrate
more on Q&A, one needs to fill that page with more factual information,
photos, movies.

Also, having pop up windows calling for sign up from different pages will
tell you which page generates more inquiries - this again will tell you what
to add.


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