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Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 10:39:13 EDT
Subject: Re: Gotta love the French!

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>From: "John Grigg" <>
>Subject: Gotta love the French!   :   )       
>Yvan wrote:
>I am working on brain reader and if someday I succeed and have a say in its 
>use, I'll take care to exclude all religious people from that technology. 
>Right now, when someone start to speak me about Jesus Christ, the 
>666, heaven and the like, I put it on a black list and never do any business 

>with that person. 
>Yvan, are you just a tad prejudiced here?  All I can say is that you sure 
better stay in >France, because in the United States you are going to have a 
hard time finding >customers you will find acceptable! lol

Sorry to be late to answer, I have a big backlog of messages on my computer. 
For some time I was working more with metal parts than with computer.

I don't look at customers, Cryonics is and will remains a small club. 
Uploading will be even more limited. Most american may be englued in churches 
and similar places. France is not far more different (may be less bigot). In 
my workplace there is at least a muslim who rank me between a dog and a pig. 
I am more interested in hell that in heaven, I have plenty different hell 
versions, so that nearly all unwanted will fly away from my project 

> Yvan continues:
> Cryonics is a technology, it wil succeed or fall depending on the effort, 
> money and time we put in it.<...> Let faith and its followers
> sink on their spooky boat...
> (end)
> LOL!!  "Let faith and its follow[ers] sink on their spooky boat."  You 
> really know how to turn a phrase!  It would be interesting to meet you in 
> person.  The boat may undergo some modification over time, but I assure you 
> it will not be sinking.

Only primitive spirits are interested in religions. The brain reader 
precursor will be an astronomical instrument. Right now, few astronomers are 
interested in religions. More, for them, national origin has low value.

> >Yvan wrote:
> For the use of brain readers, if I succeed in building one or some and if I 
> keep a say on their use, sorry, no christians, no scientology, no sect 
> related users.
> (end)
> Does this even include me?? 

The choice is your.

 Yvan, you will be hit so hard with lawsuits you will get a bad case of 
> I think the next time the U.S. builds some cool piece of technology, we 
> should keep it well away from the French.  This would force them to invent 
> their own stuff, and not just steal it from us...  Talk about rude 
> behavior!!!
> best wishes(When your nation FINALLY stops stealing our business secrets),
> John

To my knowledge, the intensity interferometer has been invented by Robert 
Hanbury Brown, an english scientist. Interferometry imaging has been first 
experimented in the speckle interferometer invented by a french astronomer. 
Nothing in that technology comes from US. 

Well, the BR technology may well be as much closed as a military one, even if 
such people are the first to be rejected from its use.

Y. Bozzonetti.


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