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Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:58:32 -0700
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: Racism in the present world

Keith R. Dugu wrote:
To continue to characterize Spencer Kimball's directive finally 
allowing Blacks to be treated  equal to Whites
 ( Oh thank you kindly masser) in one of the churches most important areas
 (if not the most) as a "revelation" is nothing less than racism.  

Even the Baptist church has apologized and has admitted that it was just plain 

The mormon church needs to eliminate all racism from it's doctrine ,admit that 
it was wrong 
and apologize before it will not be considered racist until then
, it "carries out racism against Blacks worldwide" as an institution!  
We should not even be having this discussion in this supposedly modern world.

I definitely see your point.  I do hope the church makes the necessary changes, 
and gives an official apology.    

you continue:
Here is a question right off the website that I originally posted: 

"Question: Blacks and other non-Caucasians still possess "dark skins" 
which Mormonism alleges to be an indication of inferiority, a mark 
of unworthiness in the pre-existence. 

Does this mean that the Mormon priesthood is now available to the "unworthy and 
as well as to those self-proclaimed "worthy and superior" individuals whom 
God has allegedly rewarded with "white and delightsome" skins?"

I don't know what else you call this.

I am not going to engage in doctrinal theorizing.  I will simply say I am very 
happy about the changes so far, and I hope the church goes all the way with it.

As I said before, please don't forget there is great good in my church.  The 
is a vastly better place for it being here.  But for the church 
to rise to it's full potential, this matter does need to be dealt with head-on.
And also as I said earlier, I love my church, I love cryonics, and I love 
my friends(whatever their race).  

Keith, I am very sorry for the deep hurt inflicted upon you.



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