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Subject: New Movie - Simulated Actor - Simone

"Simone" - a new Al Pacino movie is out soon. It has a digitized simulated
actress - Simone - abbreviation for "Simulation One". It appears that we are
in the phase of film technology that we don't know in the end if the reality
is different from simulation and if they are not the same? :o)  This is the
way the future most likely will be in the movies. I can see film stars of
Harrison Ford caliber residing in the computers :o) - would be fun to see
Jay Leno or David Letterman interview them :o)

You can ask "How real are celebrities?" - you can worship a "fake" one as
much as "the real ones." They are packaged, stamped out and thrown out to
the public. "Digital" idols are created through digital effects that the
audiences cannot even notice. A few pounds can be taken off an actor or
digital make up applied.
This brings up an issue if a visual image can be trusted any more. They are
often doctored in news.

"Simone" is produced the creator of "Gattaca" and "Truman Show" - a couple
of movies that also turn heads.


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