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Date: 22 Aug 2002 17:40:29 -0000
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Russian roulette. Well, after seven years I might have paid back my loan from 
the bank. Hope, the "standard gun" has not to be used during that time. Then I 
may have a free choice between pizza and Cryonics. Actually, I do not buy any 
food and I rely on grandma. She loves supermarket shopping and her cupboard is 
bursting of food for me. She do not want to give up buying a pizza once a month 
in order to pay a near relative the $35 a quarter fee and extra insurance for 
CI. No, my grandma is not at fault, the chance that she can learn discounting 
probabilities (see Message #19862 Re: Probabilties) from me is zero. Even I put 
a quite easy method for calculating probabilities for survival at Hooshla 
University on the Web, she does not know. Anyway, grandma has cable television, 
so bank officials who enabled brokers to lower stock prices for cable Internet 
worldwide --and therefore the chance that grandma can access www.cryonics.org by
punching the remote-control-- are responsible for my misery that I can not 
afford Cryonics. On one hand, bank managers are responsible for my decision not 
to pay for Cryonics. On the other hand, they are not responsible for the missing
identity storage (see Message #19861) arrangements today, such as storage of 
records and cell samples.


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