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Subject: Cryonics recruits? - Pet owners - ashes/ dust to diamonds

Those pets are at it again :o) Heard on NPR this morning a different twist
on the company that makes diamonds out of people's ashes (see below)  - now
you can have a "pet forever" as well as a "diamond forever" :o) and wear it
around your neck or on your finger. Amazing, but it appears that pets maybe
as well be counted as the largest investment people make after a house and
the kids :o)

I would recommend that cryonics organizations contact LifeGem Memorials and
offer to coop with them on obtaining DNA of the dogs, cat, fish, iguanas,
etc. that people what to turn into diamonds.

They are most prone to risk taking, have an open mind, already thinking
outside of the box and have no reservations as to what they want to
accomplish - they have vanity, they have money, they have the guts. In
short, all the ideal qualities one would be looking for in a cryonics
candidate. This maybe as well yet another channel to reach a wider audience.

Those pets are at it again :o)
From dust to dust ... to a diamond. Process transforms cremated remains into
synthetic gem.  They say diamonds are forever. And now the dearly departed
can be, too. A Chicago company says it has developed a process for turning
cremated human remains into diamonds that can be worn as jewelry.  "We're
building on the simple fact that all living creatures are carbon-based and
diamonds are carbon-based," said Greg Herro, head of LifeGem Memorials.


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