X-Message-Number: 19902
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 12:25:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: 5'th update on food satiation experiments

    This is the 5'th update on my food satiation experiments, in which I
compare my own ad libitum calorie intake of various foods over a period of
one day.
    Recently I examined the effect of caloric density on caloric intake of
spagetti. Daily intake of high palatibility spagetti was 2938 calories.
Mixing 1.25 liters of water with the spaggetti in a separate test on a
different day yielded an intake of 2964 calories. However replacing the
water with 1.09 liter of cauliflower reduced total intake to just 1576
calories, without changing palatibility. (Scalding the cauliflower, so
that it remained firm was critical for maintaining palatability.)
Substituting 1.03 liter of broccoli for the cauliflower yielded an intake
of 1606 calories, but palatibility was reduced to medium levels. The
amount of chewing, as well as the total time to consume the spagetti was
increased when cauliflower, or broccoli, but not water was added.
    At another extreme I tried eating nothing but low palatability
blanched almonds all day. To my great surprise intake was the lowest in
the test, at 1320 calories.
    I have found that decreasing caloric density usually reduces intake in
medium and high palatability foods. Apparently the key factor is the time
taken to eat the food. In contrast low caloric density exerts no
beneficial effect in low palatability foods. The two lowest intakes were
for almonds, and rye bread. Both of these foods were eaten mostly during
snacks, and major meals were themselves spontaneously replaced by large
snacks. It appears snacking a lot may slightly reduce intake of low
palatability foods.

(LOW PALATABILITY)                       CALORIC
FOOD                                 DENSITY INTAKE
almonds                                high   1320
rye bread                              medium 1388
Gala apples                            low    1413
chicken breast                         low    1478
rye crispbread                         high   1564
rice cake with turkey, mustard         low    1602
vegetables/cottage cheese           very low  1768
potato      (skipped lunch next day)   low    2179
average:                                      1589

FOOD                                 DENSITY INTAKE
spagetti & 1.02 liter broccoli         low    1606
yogurt, fruit, no fat & Gala apples    low    1976
2% fat chocolate milk                  medium 2100
yogurt, fruit, sugar, fat              medium 2354
rye sandwich with turkey, mustard      medium 2371
peanuts           (malabsorption)      high   2689
average:                                      2183

(HIGH PALATABILITY)                      CALORIC
FOOD                                 DENSITY INTAKE
yogurt, fruit, no fat                  low    1483
spagetti & 1.09 liter cauliflower      low    1576
angel food cake, jam                   medium 2936
spagetti                               medium 2938
spagetti & 1.25 liter water            low    2964
cookies & chili                        high   4055
average:                                      2659

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