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Subject: Celebrities and cryonics - Australian dudes & dudettes

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Australians put hands up for big freeze
Death is not what it used to be, and more and more Australians are making
plans to cheat the undertaker, report Rosanne Bersten and David Wroe
The Age 24/08/2002
Ugly Dave shuns the grave and gives
death the cold shoulder
In 1999 Ugly Dave Gray made a potentially life-enhancing decision. The
comedian signed up to have his body cryonically frozen after death.
Sydney Morning Herald 24/08/2002 Cost - $1.10 293 words

Ugly Dave? :o) Sounds very funny already! :o)

Thank you so much for this! This confirms to me what I've been thinking
about for some time. Celbs are mortal! :o) As more and more of them age,
fall to sicknesses, and see others do the same, it is inevitable that some
will consider cryonics. The Ted Williams story has brought this up pretty
clearly and I would not be surprised if within 5-10 years we hear about
MAJOR aging TV, movies stars, authors, singers, etc. take a dive.

They think outside the box, they have charisma, they don't give a hoot about
what others think about them, they go after what they want. We'll see who of
Americans will be next. 5-10 years will show.

Is there an equivalent to Ugly Dave in the U.S.? :o)


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