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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 07:33:04 -0500
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Subject: Wacko, Waco - Cryonics Organization World Gang :o)
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Details of projects and tentative agreements will be forthcoming from time
time in various venues. Dr. Newport kindly accepted the chairmanship of a
steering committee to form a new trade association. York Porter suggested
name be the "World Association of Cryonics Organizations," WACO, pronounced
WACKO. There is a possibility that a different name may be chosen.

Who said cryonicisits don't have a sense of humor :o) How about

"World Cryonics Council" - WCC
"Cryonics Council of the World" - CCW
"Cryonics Council" - CC - I like this one - "carbon copy" - like "CC the
cloned cat"
"Cryonics Organziations of the World" - COW
"World Cryonics Association" - WCA
"World Council of Cryonics" - WCC


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