X-Message-Number: 19928
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 09:44:28 -0700
From: Jerry Lemler <>
Subject: Wish you were there

                               On behalf of the Alcor Foundation's 
delegation, ( Jerry Lemler, Judy Muhlestein, Bob Newport, Michael Riskin, 
Hugh Hixon, Bill Haworth), I would echo Bob Ettinger's most positive 
comments regarding last weekend's inaugural CryoSummit in Michigan. Our 
sincere thanks go out to Cryonics Institute for hosting this ground 
breaking event. The amenities were thoughtfully planned, and the meetings 
themselves were exceedingly productive.
                               All four delegations (Alcor, CI, SA, ACS), 
banded together in a unique visible demonstration of unity in the formation 
of an umbrella organization to create a code of ethics and standards of 
conduct and competence. The inception of this organization represents much 
more than mere window dressing (for obvious reasons). Additionally, we 
agreed to convene the second annual CryoSummit (site to be determined) in 
early June, 2003!

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