X-Message-Number: 19930
From: "Francois" <>
Subject: Re: Cheaper Attempted Identity Conservation [Francois]
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 21:20:53 -0400

John de Rivaz wrote:

>The cheapest "attempt at identity conservation" must surely be the time
>travel site referred to earlier on CryoNet. From memory, you give them $10.
>For every $10 they are given, expenses are deducted and then a proportion
>will go to some investment plan designed to grow capital until some time in
>the future when it is possible to produce a time machine to rescue the
>identity of the contributors on the point of death, thereby avoiding
>causality violations.

Mmmmm. I believe the cheapest such attempt would be to do nothing at all,
and let Frank J. Tipler's Omega point do all the work and recover us at the
End of Times. Unfortunately, it now looks like the Omega point is not very
likely to happen, since the latest astronomical observations indicate that
the universe will not collapse back to a singular point, but will instead
expand forever at an ever increasing rate. However, the interpretation of
those observations is still quite shaky and many sources of systematic
errors are probably still unknown at this time. I think this problem will
need much better data than what we can acquire at present before it is
definitly solved.

No lifespan shorter than eternity is acceptable

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