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Date: 29 Aug 2002 21:53:03 -0000
From: Asteromed e.V. <>
Subject: Life extension forecast

When humans keep on using natural consumption like 
they do today, the earth will change to the point where 
survival for many human individuals will be 
threatened. In this case, I would expect, by the rule of 
the thumb, a decrease of the world population from 10 
billion to 1 billion until the year 10000. Reason for a 
fast decrease of population: Toxical drinking water 
and low quality of food, mainly caused by chemical 
and nuclear waist. Reason for a slow decrease of 
population: Toxical air and fast changes of areas with 
agriculture into deserts. Reasons for a very quick 
decrease of population: Industries are gone by war and 
a collapsing biological system, leaving a huge amount 
of toxical waist to a population who is suffering on 
unexpected sickness. In any case, a social component 
how humans use technology for the production of 
food will decide how slow the increase will happen. 
An increase does not shorten the lifetime of individual 
humans, but the lifetime of the number of humans as a 
whole. If there will be a huge asteroid moving towards 
earth, a very quick decrease of population may happen 
in 100 or 1000 years. If there will be a huge industrial 
output of new technologies, it may happen that a 
increasing number of humans settle in space, 
independent from a very quick decrease of population 
on earth.

Given that humans care about the extension of their 
own life, the social component for use of technology 
will be missing. Social behavior in condition to the 
population on a global scale will be avoided. Humans 
want to live longer, but the longer they live, the harder 
survival will be, simply because of competition that 
humans create among their society. The model that the 
poor will die and the rich live on is not working in 
perfection, because it raises the question of how far 
the poor can deal with expensive methods for life 
extension. They can deal, as long as they can see an 
instant advantage for them, corresponding to the 
bread-to-mouth philosophy that they live. They can be 
forced to deal, as long as someone is paying for. How 
long can Cryonics pay? 10 years preserved, most of 
the poor do not know and if they would start to learn, 
they would receive money for their knowledge. 100 
years still frozen, the poor realize, there is someone 
who want to survive, but does not work to pay for it. 
101 year, the poor want to survive too, but actually 
they can not, because of lack of money. They will try 
to separate from Cryonics, because they realize, they 
have nothing but a problem with it. One week later, 
they demand a change in legislation to stop Cryonics.

Forget Cryonics will work if it remains as it is right 
now. Cryonics as it is right now is cheap. But many of 
you seem to forget the future. You all have to receive 
a "standard gun" with all the chambers filled, if you do 
not really count enough for the cheapest life 
extension. SMA http://www.shintoist.com is the 
cheapest life extension provider to be taken as honest. 
So I do not understand anything about financing 
Cryonics, but I can see the mistakes that have been 
made around it.


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