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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:54:03 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: [off topic] Missing URL for Anthrax story--What if? Pearl Harbor

I sent my previous post too soon. This URL was buried in the text "How is
anthrax made into a weapon of death?"


On another note I found this tidbit about how WE actually fired the first shot
at Pearl Harbor, by sinking a mini sub headed for Pearl merely an hour or so
before the Japanese attacked. Now my question is, who screwed the pooch on this

one? An hour lead time and they couldn't put Pearl on alert status? Think of the
lives that could have been saved. Heck, an hour was enough time to get the

president to call the Jaanese and warn them to stop, maybe stopping that part of
the war all togeether, though doubtful I admit. Their Pacific conquests would
have urged action at some point.

Here's the story:

Look What They
Found in Pearl Harbor!

By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor

A Japanese midget submarine has been located deep in the waters near Pearl
Harbor--a discovery so significant it could rewrite the history of the 1941
attack on Pearl Harbor.  Why?  The submarine sunk more than an hour before the
aerial attack that killed 2,390 people, wounded 1,178, damaged 21 U.S. ships,
damaged or destroyed 323 aircraft, and brought the United States into World War
II.  The sub sunk because it was fired on by a Navy destroyer. That means the
United States--not the Japanese--fired the first shot and inflicted the first

See amazing photos of the Japanese midget submarine in the depths of Pearl

[These photos are not as described. They show the remotely piloted sub that
found the mini sub and show a model of a Japanese mini sub only.]

The submarine, which is 78 feet long and is believed to have been sunk by the
USS Ward, led four other Japanese midget submarines into Pearl Harbor on
December 7, 1941 to take part in the attack. The remains of the two Japanese
crewmen are probably still inside the sub.  "It's the shot that started World
War II between the Americans and the Japanese," John Wiltshire, associate
director of the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, which found the sub, told
The Associated Press.  The submarine is covered in growth, but it is still in
excellent condition.  "To actually come across it was a sobering moment,
realizing that was the shot that started the Pacific war," Terry Kerby, chief
pilot of the deep-diving submersible that found the submarine, told AP.
Eyewitness accounts have always insisted a submarine was sunk before the aerial
attack began, but those accounts could never be confirmed with hard evidence.
Until now. "What they saw and what they felt was their recollection, now the
proof has been found," historian Daniel Martinez told AP.

We salute the U.S. armed forces. Download this FREE military screen saver from
TIME and LIFE featuring images from "The Power and the Glory."

[I don't think this is free but could be wrong. I didn't]

Here's another story on the newly found mini sub.

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