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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:35:08 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Brain wave music cures anxiety insomnia

A Totally Weird Way to
Cure Insomnia

By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor

Listen to your own brain music.  You'll fall asleep fast.  What IS brain music?
Every human brain creates its own internal music, and when researchers from the
University of Toronto recorded that music and then played it back for sleepless
volunteers, their anxiety insomnia was cured. Almost all of them fell asleep
more quickly and were able to sleep more soundly.

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ABC News reports that the audible printout of a human being's sleep-inducing
brain waves is a very strange lullaby indeed.  "It sounds odd," psychiatrist
Leonid Kayumov admitted to ABC News.  He is the director of the Toronto sleep
clinic that conducted the research. "You wouldn't recognize it as music.
Sometimes there are harmonic frequencies, sometimes it's total cacophony." One
interesting note Brain waves are FAST! They produce about 70 fluctuations per
second. At times brain music can sound like Chinese, while at other times there
is even a melody--of sorts.  The point is that each of us has our own distinct

brain music.  "I find some people have nicer music," he says.  Of course, only a
sleep clinic with the right type of equipment can record your brain music and
produce an audio track for you.  But you have to listen to your OWN brain
music.  When volunteers were given someone else's brain music, only 15 percent
found it cured their insomnia, compared with the 85 percent who listened to
their own brain music and fell fast asleep.  Nighty-night.
Now to find a lab and get recorded! However, I wish there was more information.

Such as could it cause a feedback loop and could that be dangerous? Does it cure
insomnia completely and not need to listen further or must one listen everytime
to get to sleep? I have always suffered insomnia even when a child. I have
always used music to help me sleep, especially recently the new forms of
electronic ambient music. On another note, the above exclamation that the
brain's transitions are fast, to me, seems a good case for future augmentation.
Only 70 per second? That's slooooow!


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