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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 09:08:42 EDT
Subject: Re: #19922 Physics question

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Olaf Henny said:

> The radio frequency weapon or E-bomb sends out a high-
> intensity radio wave with similar effects to the electromagnetic
> pulse from a nuclear blast. ... "
> Does that not give our good buddy in Iraq plenty warning to
> shelter his computer systems with lead blankets or such?  -  Just
> would like to know.
> Best,
> Olaf

Good buddy has another option: buy old soviet hardwares: In the sixties they 
have produced an entire generation of mini radio tubes. When the West rushed 
on transistors and integrated circuits, they was busy making progress on a 
1907 technology! They was not stupid: In a nuclear exchange any solid state 
electronics would be roasted by the EMP effect but old fashioned electronics 
device would survive.  Hope "Good Buddy" will help to save this technology 

Y. Bozzonetti.


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