X-Message-Number: 19960
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 09:51:24 -0400
From: Rafi Haftka <>
Subject: Probabilities better trusted to the less biased

Insurance against cryonics success?

It is difficult to trust the probability calculations proferred by people
who have an interest to convince themselves that they have made the right
choice in selecting cryonics. So it may be useful to also get numbers from
people who will suffer if cryonics succeeds.

What I have in mind is buying insurance that will pay you in case it
becomes technically feasible to revive you (not in case you are actually
revived, so as not to give somebody an incentive to go to court and hold up
your revival even when it is technically possible to do so). This insurance
may be a good idea in any case, because if you are revived you will
probably need the money.

If an insurance company thinks that the chances are very small, we may be
able to buy this insurance very cheaply.

Can anybody help me with information on how to find insurance companies or
agents who specialize in insuring odd events like these?

Rafi Haftka

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