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Date: Mon,  2 Sep 2002 13:20:13 -0700
Subject: Consequences of LEF Mix
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From:  (Tim Freeman)

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>I've never taken LEF Mix beyond a short time and I had problems with
>it; nausea, malaise and back pain.

I briefly took LEF Mix and observed nausea and malaise.  Basically I
slept one entire day.

>However, clearly most people do not have problems and the product is a 
>popular one.


(Quoting out of order)
>This problem is not confined to LEF Mix but in theory to Twinlab Daily One 
>and other combo products where there is lots of high temperature shelf time 
>with ingredients packed tightly in high surface area preparations primed to 
>interact with each other.    
>If I had to suggest anything it would still be Twinlab's Daily One without 
>Iron (for healthy males and non-menstruating women).

I'm having no subjectively perceivable consequences at all from taking
Twinlab Daily Two.  That's what I'm expecting from a multivitamin, so
I'm happy with it.

Do you recommend Twinlab Daily One because there's something wrong
with Twilab Daily Two? 

Tim Freeman       

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