X-Message-Number: 19974
Date: 2 Sep 2002 22:05:28 -0000
From: Asteromed e.V. <>
Subject: To make working systems out of death humans

It seems to me, most of people reading my postings are 
strongly suspicious about something I have written. It 
makes sense to me that people in this mailing list do 
not want me keep on posting this way. This is because 
of two major reasons:

English grammar is bad. In some cases, a reader can 
not understand.

Level of education is low. It does not make a good 
impression to the reader.

Sorry, but I want to continue. Cryonet is an open 
mailing list and those Europeans who have learned a 
proper English, next to their native language, can use 
their capabilities professionally. It means, they can 
work as a translator, earn some money, and can pay 
for a membership in a closed Cryonics society. If 
anyone has to fear about any kind of reputation that 
can be harmed by my postings, please tell me. This 
mailing is filled to the brim with scientific and 
postings. So it is very clear that members of the list 
want to maintain this intellectual quality. But do not 
forget, Cryonics is about Life-Extension. 
Life-extension is much more interesting to humans, if 
it has the extra feature of life-improvement. Following 
implications are available:

To make young-looking humans out of old-looking 

To make super-humans out of normal humans.

To offer life-extension to selected people to create a 
better society.

The better humans are, the more likely it seems that a 
society in the future is willing to revive them. To 
revive a great politician or a scientific genius will be 
better than to revive the stupid old person next door. 
The result of this kind of thinking: More rights will be 
given to all these winners in society to choose 
Life-Extension. It is quite a simple logic to say: They 
are the driving force in society, so accept them as the 
driving force of Life-Extension.

Think about this one: Everyone of 1 Million people is 
posting a text about personal life to a message board. 
1 Million text files will be collected.  The interesting 
thing is: The more they differentiate, from the 
dumbest to the most logical text, the higher an 
individual value of a single text can be. If there are 1 
Million software functions in a database, they could 
adapt much better to an intelligent behavior with 1 
Million of these text files of which 100 files contain 
logical procedures than with only 1 Thousand files of 
which 500 contain logical procedures. 100 in 1 
Million can be searched for logical functions by 
learning algorithms. After all, 1 Million humans can 
profit from an extension of their personal intelligence 
out of their own brain.

Forget about the time when all the stupid 
below-average humans like me had to wear an 
intellectual gag while talking about Artificial 
Intelligence. Even my English is not 100% clear to 
understand, since it is possible for me to program, 
20% of the output will follow you wherever you go! 
Tell your higher-degree-enabled Cryonics-experts 
around, my measurable IQ was 90%, but my lesson is 
100% out now.


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