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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 21:11:24 EDT
Subject: Statins for life extension?

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Statins are frequently in the news of late. Given to lower cholesterol, they 
seemed to work at that and also to lower incidence of heart attack and 
stroke.  Then it was found they also lowered Alzheimer's, by 70%, I think.  
Most recently it was reported that inflamation was the main precursor to 
heart attack and there would soon be a $10 blood test for indicators of 
inflamation; and statins seemed to lower inflamation so they would be given 
if indicated.  And of course it's known that NSAIDS lower Alzheimers by 70% 
or so, and thought that inflamation may play a large role in Alzheimer's and 
NSAIDs may work by lowering inflamation. So, statins-lower inflamation-lower 
Alzheimer's would make sense. (Forgive me, I'm writing from memory of 
newspaper articles here and haven't read any original papers except the Dutch 
study on NSAIDs/Alzheimers.  But I believe all these things have been 
reported per this summary.)

My question is, have there been studies, in flies, mammals or anything else, 
on statins for life extension?  Like aspirin they seem to be good for a 
number of ailments without anyone quite knowing why.  But as they do seem to 
be good for several important things, it might be interesting to feed them to 
worms etc. and just see what happens.

Or has this been tried?

Alan Mole


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