X-Message-Number: 19981
From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: Using insurance for providing a luimp sum on reanimation.
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 08:14:44 +0100

It has been suggested on CryoNet that insuring "against" revival could
provide a sum of money to use in that event. It was further suggested that
Britain could be a source of such insurance. I consulted Cryonics Europe's
insurance expert and this was the response:

I believe insurance is taken out to cover a loss. I cannot see how a
cryonicist can lose by revival becoming possible. So, I assume, the 'bookie
joint' i.e. Ladbrokes http://www.ladbrokes.com would be the people to
consult, but I think they would
only be interested if some form of time frame was included in the bet.

I checked the web site briefly, and didn't see anything that suggested a
method of placing special bets of this nature, but presumably it would be
possible to contact the company and negotiate something in more detail.

I do recall making a similar proposal to another betting company many years
ago and being told "we do not deal in life and death issues" by the company,
which had got into the news by taking bets about the resurrection of Elvis
Presley. (Work that out if you can!)

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