X-Message-Number: 19989
From: "Brett Bellmore" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19987 Heart-lung machine and hypotension damage
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 06:06:14 -0400

"One of the problems that has delayed me signing up is that by the time of
cyropreservation, the brain has already been seriously damaged.  We (MD
intensivests) are exceptionally good at keeping the heart-lung machine
pumping.  What usually leads to ultimate demise is prolonged hypotension,
which kills the brain (and kidneys) long before death is admitted to.  There
should be an avenue for direct escape from this doom to a cyropreserved
state, before the irreversible damage is acquired.  Obviously this will be a
huge social hurdle to cross.

James R Hughes, MD"

Ok, granted I'm not a physician, but aren't there treatments to prevent
brain damage from prolonged hypotension, such as inducing a coma with
barbituates? In fact, I'm pretty sure such things are part of Alcor's
protocol, at least *after* death is pronounced. Do we get better care after
being declared a corpse than before? I suppose given the hurdles of FDA
approval that's possible...

Brett Bellmore

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