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Subject: Re: cooperation at last
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:43:13 +0100

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I would like to congratulate all those who attended WACO last week, I even like 
the memorable name although it has been suggested it was tongue in cheek.

  We have our teachers union which is shortened to NUTS and no one forgets that.

  I've watched cryonics grow from the child that made those terrible mistakes to
  the teens when it almost self destructed through arguments to the mature 
  grown up well respected body its becoming today.

  Take a few minuets thought for all the people who have made it possible to get
  where we are today from Bob Ettinger,Saul Kent Bill Faloon, Mike Darwin, Greg
  Fay, Jerry Leaf and so many more it would take all day to write these are the
  people who we literally owe our lives, without them cryonics would not exist.

  These people put there all both in money but most of all time and effort. I 
  know at least two people that starved and gave up promising carriers for the 
  betterment of cryonics and I think every so often we should count our 
  blessings and thank them.

  Since being a part of Cryonics Europe I have had the pleasure of having 
  contact with most of the people running all the organisations making decisions
  in cryonics today and I am so pleased to see what a intelligent well balanced
  understanding bunch they are, no wonder Waco came about keep up the good work
  and lets hope a bit of your new understanding and cooperation rubs of on 
  Alcor UK who seem to be the only odd one out.


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