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Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 19:40:15 -0400
From: Clay Young <>
Subject: Question about life insurance

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  I've been thinking about signing up with Alcor after hesitating for 
the last 15 or so years. One question has occurred to me that I don't 
think has ever appeared in a Cryonet posting.

I'm concerned that I may be boxing myself in by relying on life insurance, at 
least term life insurance, to pay for cryostasis.  What happens if, god forbid, 
I should survive past the end of my term insurance period?  I'm currently 58 and
am looking around for 20- or 30-year term insurance.  Should I go for the 
20-year term, and pay about half the premium/year, or go for the 30-year term?  
What would be my chances of picking up a 10-year term policy 20 years from now?
Or another 20-year term policy?  My weight, health, and exercise habits are 
excellent.  My blood workups are dandy.  My mother is 92 and still going strong.
Maybe I should just go for whole life?

(Could this be the start of another "probability" thread?  If so, I apologize in


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