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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 11:20:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Rational Suicide

> From: Thomas Donaldson
"There is a strategy commonly used by cryonicists
to be suspended prior to undergoing the "death" caused
simply by letting their body go on as it has been.
Starve yourself to death. It turns out that this is
the only method for committing suicide which does not
cause autopsy. When I was in the middle of a law case
years ago asking for my right to be suspended prior to
legal death (I had a brain tumor), I met one
cryonicist, a woman,who was doing exactly that. I am
told reliably that she is not the only one.

From the internet:

Starving to death
Time: 40 days give or take. Depends on health.
Available: Anywhere where you can't be force-fed
Certainty: Good as long as no medical help & will
power holds up
Notes: Supposed to be easier after the first couple of
days, since your appetite goes. In a UK prison, you
can't be force-fed unless you give permission first,
or are diagnosed insane, but I don't know whether this
is the same in other countries. Beware - relatives
might give permission on your behalf if you are
unconsious. (living will / durable power of attorney
helps). It may help if you use an appetite
suppressant. Amphetamines, and some drugs (MDMA, AKA
XTC, AKA ecstasy, AKA
metheylenedimethoxymethamphetamine is one such). The
problem with these is that they are frequently
illegal. I've also heard of something called Aminorex
(4-methylaminorex) which was briefly prescribed as an
appetite suppressant, but taken off the market since
it had fatal side effects... which is hardly a
problem!! [1] says: ".. after approximately 20 % of
body weight loss, illness will begin to set in,
notably severe indigestion, muscle weakness, and
_worst of all_ mental incapacity. ... about 40 days
before life is seriously theatened. ...." 

"In some cases self-starvation can be very painful.
... morphine had to be administered to kill the pain
of fatal dehydration. .."

That doesn't sound very appealing to me compared to
suicide using an inert gas like Nitrogen or Helium as
described at the following web site.


It appears to be quick and painless enough, but does
significant brain damage result from using such a

Scott Badger

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