X-Message-Number: 20006
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 20:23:37 -0500
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19966
From: Joesph A Zarka <>

Hello All:

   In response to Eytan Kollins' posting I will just say that you need to
log on to www.atheist.org and check out some of the information they
offer. If you think a world motivated by religious ideals would be a
better one you are seriously mistaken. Are you saying Iraq and Iran are
good places to live? Or how about Ireland and Isreal? Lets not forget
that religion ruled the dark ages, you remember that time in Europe when
the vatican ruled Europe with a iron fist and stopped all progress. You
would rather awaken in a world motivated by religious ideals? If religion
rules the world there will not be cryonics let alone revivals in the
future. Things like genetic engineering, nanotech, cloning, antiaging
research, and cryonics are considered playing God and are forbidden in a
world motivated by religious ideals. 
   So before you go wishing for a world motivated by religious ideals you
had better do a little more research. And be careful what you wish for,
you may just get it!!!

Long Life

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