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Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 12:32:02 +0200
Subject: Re: starvation is neither nice nor nondamaging
From: David Stodolsky <>

On Sunday, September 8, 2002, at 11:00  AM, CryoNet wrote:

> Yes, starvation is neither nice nor nondamaging. However if you
> would otherwise die of severe brain damage, it's better than doing
> nothing at all and letting Nature take its usual painful course.

Sometime back I posted a ref to an article about a Zen master who had 
thru fasting and sipping of tree resin had managed to die in a state in 
which his body was totally stable. He is visible in a temple in Japan, 
as I recall, and worshipped as a most holy person.

This combination of physical and social effects seem worth investigating 
further. Surely, with our current knowledge we could come up with a 
better brew and storage situation.


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