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Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 21:08:29 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Swayze Fund completion and beyond

To all my cryonics friends,

First let me apologize for being tardy. My internet went down and I didn't get
Friday's news till Sunday. It is most excellent news to hear that my fund is
complete. It sure takes a load off but I won't let it cause me to rest upon my
laurels. Now even more than before is the time to let the world know the
kindness and generosity the lives (emphasis on LIVES) within our community. Now
we can say with certainty not just speculation that our community seeks to

include all and is in no way a scam for how can a scam be when charity is given.

There is a long long list of thank you's and since some donors were anonymous I
won't list everyone, you know who you are. Thank you all each and every one so

very very much. One exception needs mention and that is Robert for not only kick
starting my fund but for the whole cryonics idea in the first place. Had he not

put it forth when he did it might have missed our generation and that would have
left us on the funeral pyre of history.

I don't need to worry over probabilities. It either will work or it won't. For
me I believe strongly it will work. If it doesn't it was well worth the effort
and it will have said something about us and I believe will be responsible for
changing humanity and for changing history. The immortality meme is an old one
but only with us does it reach plausibility.

I had hoped that the fund would exceed the amount Robert called for so as to
reimburse his large donation to some degree. This is because before me it was

part of his estate that would have gone to CI and therefore was meant to benefit
everyone, not just CI members but through future advancements in the technology
certainly all our community. So I had a small hope that CI would recover that

amount to some degree as I don't wish to be even a small drag upon our progress.
I will now seek ways to recover some of that myself. If I live to see my 45th
birthday next July 10th I might be able to get a small 20 year term policy that
could never have covered my suspension but might help all of us as a small
donation to CI.

There seems to have just become available in my state small life policies, death
benefit really, for which one can't be turned down for health issues for those
aged 45 and up. I'm not certain it will work but I will find out. Of course it
might be moot if my state intends to recover my estate, amounting to my pc,
stereo and TV, bed and some books LOL!, as part of their recovery policy for
long term care provided by welfare. I'll have to look into that. If it is so

than it won't be worth trying and I'd be better off just sending something to CI
monthly for them to invest.

At any rate I urge everyone to donate extra to your cryonics provider and even
to the 'not your' cryonics provider... hedge your bets! But please please don't
bet against us or give anyone of moneyed interest a big cash cause to even
consider to get in our way. With the six degrees of separation theory those
persons or company would likely know someone in position to make it difficult
for us. Here's a thought, suppose we did something the opposite direction so to
encourage favor in our direction. For instance, suppose we put together a fund
to provide suspension for say a congressperson or a senator, would that be
considered a bribe? Just a thought. Sure would get publicity!

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